Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alaska - The Honeymoon Part 1

There many advantages to getting married when you are 40. One of them is that you have already been to the drunken touristy places like Hawaii and Cancun (been there, done that). So, for our honeymoon, we decided to go to Alaska in June/July. We flew from Minnesota (hey birdchick!) direct to Anchorage and picked up our motorhome. This was a birding trip/honeymoon, and we were the tour guides.

What an incredible place, Alaska is. Full of different sights and sounds - nothing like Indiana and Ohio, that's for sure! The first thing you notice is that even in June, there is a chill to the air. A fresh, cool, crisp smell that immediately makes you feel happy to be alive in this gorgeous wilderness.


Casey Tucker said...

Hmm..that Harebell photo looks awfully familiar. I wonder who the photographer was? Oh wait a minute, I think I took that photo! ;o)

Welcome to the blogging world, just be careful not to let it be too much of a time suck. Some of the nature bloggers out there seem to live much of their lives for the sole purpose of blogging about it. Don't let the blog consume you. ;o)

Have fun!


mrsbirder said...

Thanks Casey!!! I was wondering where that flower photo came from!!! I hope you don't mind that I borrowed it! LOL!!! I miss you, you know. We won't be around to see you this weekend, because we are heading down to VA to see Amanda.

Casey Tucker said...

Nope, feel free to use it. It's good publicity for me ;o)

I'm sorry I'm going to miss you guys. It sounds like the only folks we'll get to see will be Hardy & Barb. Everyone else is busy or out of town this weekend.

Have fun in VA and wish Amanda luck for me!


P.S. Sorry I missed you guys at the Audubon Assembly...but you can probably understand why I wasn't there