Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Flynn Wedding

We all know that the best laid plans end up with glitches in them, and Katlyn & Matt's wedding was no exception. Not that it did not happen, it just came together a little differently than we all expected! LOL

You see the story really began last February when Katlyn flew out to California to spend a couple of weeks with Matt before he shipped out to sea for 8 months. They spent their time being together and planning their wedding for 8 months later. Well, they found out they were expecting their first child just before Matt left. So, Katlyn came back home, got a little apartment in Liberty next to the library and spent her 8 months hanging out with mom and dad - planning for a baby. The wedding became a lower priority. I must say that these past 9 months with her have been some of the best times of my life. Our relationship as mother and daughter became the friendship we had each always wanted. By August, she was spending every day with us, and by September, she was sleeping on the couch every night -- she just couldn't get comfortable in her bed. Man, I remember those days! Meanwhile, Matt was able to call every few weeks when his ship went into port.

We took pictures every week and posted them to the web, so Matt could see the progress of mommy and baby, and made plans for a baby shower! This was our first grandchild, and we were so excited! But, as with all plans, there are glitches. Matt got back in the States in early October, Katlyn was due November 8th, and he didn't get leave to come to Indiana until October 28th-ish. They could not get married before the birth, because her insurance would cancel. So, they decided to get married by the Justice of the Peace after the baby was born. No problem.

But, of course, there was a problem. Matt could not find his birth certificate, which was needed in order to pick up the marriage licence from the courthouse. He ordered a copy to be sent to his folks house in northern KY. It arrived, but at the same time, his mother was rushed to the hospital and no one was home to sign for the parcel. Matt couldn't get it because Katlyn went into labor and he was stuck at the hospital. Plans were changed to pick up the birth certificate from the UPS store on Friday after Katlyn and Tessa were discharged and then drive back to Liberty to get the marriage licence and get married by the judge at the courthouse.

Well, the judge was not available for 2 weeks! So, here they were sitting in the hospital with a new baby, no birth certificate, no marriage licence and no judge. In comes the OB nurse with the best suggestion yet..... ask the hospital chaplain! A quick flurry of phone calls later, and a wedding was set for the next day, at the College Corner United Methodist church.

Congratulations Mr ad Mrs Matthew Flynn!

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