Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 1 - Ivory-billed Expedition 2010

So, a few months ago, my husband, the Birder, tells me that he has been asked to be the "Bird Dog" on an Ivory-billed Woodpecker Expedition to Florida.  Seriously??????  Yep, totally.  Within a month, I was going too.  So, here we are, January 9th, packing the truck heading for the swamps of the Florida Panhandle to search for evidence of an extinct - critically endangered bird. We left Ohio today with the canoe strapped to the top of the Excursion... 23oF and about 6 inches of snow, heading for the Choctawhatchee Wetland.  The best thing about being married to a birder is going on trips!!

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Douglas said...

Jill and Dave (Jill especially) What a great adventure and very fun to read about your quest to find the Ivory Billed. Great photos as well and I laught at the ring necked duck sudden stop move, classic birding. D