Monday, May 17, 2010

Alaska Expedition 2010 - Day 1

Dave and Rafael left home at about 11am and headed north.  The truck was packed to the point of swelling!  I have no idea how they fit everything in there!  With bird guides in hand they took off in the pouring rain, and drove through Illinois

to Wisconsin.  Between rain showers they caught glimpses of beautiful flower gardens popping up with Spring.  I love this Spiderwort photo Rafael took!  The landscape was flat, and they saw windmill farms and couldn't help but think about alternative sources of energy and how we need to figure out a way to generate energy in a safe way. 

The further north they drove, the more they noticed that the foilage was changing too. It was a lighter green and less abundant, making them feel like they had stepped back in time about a month.

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