Friday, August 20, 2010

The Alcan Home: Day 2 Burwash, YK to Muncho Lake, BC August 2010

Burwash Lodge is a beautiful property on Lake Kluane. We hear from the gal at the front desk that the owners have received a non-refundable deposit from the “Nation”, so it looks like they’ve got it sold.

The lake is full – no mudflats – like in May. Here’s the picture we took in May.

And here’s the lake in August

We saw YWARs and a Harlen’s Redtail at the lodge, grabbed a coffee to go and hit the road.

Once we got past Haines Junction, we pulled off at a rest area and met a guy driving a big red rig with the biggest moose guard I’ve ever seen! He calls it a Moose-juicer. That’s Dave standing behind the truck.

Says he drives from Seattle to Anchorage 2-3 times a month and has already had the guard re-welded a couple of times! He’s hit moose and caribou. He’s also got 6 extra head lights on the rig.

Got into Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon at about noon.

Filled up with gas (it’s $1.08/L Canadian), and pulled off at a visitors park and had PB&J . What a beautiful day! 71F and clear sunny skies. Did I mention that there is NO HUMIDITY!! Love it!  Hey, Sissy, does my shirt look familiar?!!  LOL!  We're twins!! (Although, I'm sure it looks MUCH better on you!:-))

The highway takes you around White Mountain, which is a remarkable gigantic rock protruding out of the ground. It’s size is so impressive, it’s hard to put it into words.

As we rounded the bend, this little guy scampered across the highway. So cute!

Just before you cross the Teslin River at the Teslin Bridge, you will find the best cinnamon rolls along the Alaska Highway at Johnson’s Crossing.

We stopped in to grab one (well I got one – Dave doesn’t like cinnamon – how strange! :-)

and while I was enjoying my yummy treat, Dave disappeared!  He was standing beside me a minute ago.  I looked out the door, and saw him speeding toward the truck, grabbing his scope and rushing over to the woods next to the bakery.  He heard a White-winged Crossbill in the trees! My husband....the birder.  LOL

What a score! I have never had such good looks at a crossbill before. There was a brilliant red male here too, but he wouldn't sit still long enough for us to get a good picture. We hopped back in the truck and continued our trek. We want to get to Muncho Lake tonight.

We stopped for dinner in Watson Lake at the Belvedere Motor Lodge.

There is a story that goes along with this stop, but I’ll let Dave tell it to all of you when we get home – as I know he will get great pleasure telling it – over and over again. :-)

The place is actually good! I had their homemade chicken pot pie, and I must say, Vickie, it rivals your recipe! Almost as good as yours, but not quite! LOL!! We gassed up here @ $1.11/L. It’s about 84F at 7pm in Watson Lake, and the place is like a desert. The leaves on the trees are even falling off. The air is thick with smoke, and it’s obvious that they’ve got some major forest fires burning in the area.

About 1 mile south of Watson Lake we saw this HUGE bison taking a dirt bath on the side of the highway! He was totally uninterested in us as we pulled over on the shoulder of the road to take his picture.

A little further along Dave spotted this little guy down a side road!

So we flipped a U-ey and went back to get his picture. He wasn’t real happy with us, and he kept turning his backside toward us and flaring out his quills.

Not even a mile further down the highway, we came upon this herd of bison hanging out on the shoulder of the road.

A little further down the road we came upon this group of Bison following a lead cow down the road. They had a good pace going, and didn’t stop at all when we pulled over to take their picture.

We arrived at my favorite spot on the Alaskan Highway, Muncho Lake at abaout 10:30pm and stayed at the Double G Service.  We stayed here on the way up, and I have a soft spot for Jack and Louis.  This is no fancy hotel, its a truck stop.  The rooms are old and worn, but clean, and I've learned to love it here.

The gorge is full of smoke, and the sun looks really pretty as it sets tonight.

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