Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Transcontinental Trek Day 8: Prince George to Fort Nelson, BC

7:30am foggy, but promising to be a sunny day. Stopped at McDonalds for coffee and ate a cinnamon roll we got in Kirkland at the Brown Bag Café.

Bob saw our first moose standing near the side of the highway, but neither Dave nor I saw it. Yeah!!! Our first moose! We couldn't go back to see it, though, because it quickly walked into the woods and was hidden from sight.  It is now a bright sunny day, 53F. At mile 70 we stopped at the rest area next to Crooked River and saw our first Golden Crowned Sparrow. 

We haven't seen this species since we were on Kodiak Island on our honeymoon. How cool! Lincoln Sparrows were skittering all around in the leaf litter.
At about 115 miles from Prince George is a roadside turnout for Bijoux Falls Provincial Park. 

We were the only ones there and were able to get some great views of the falls!  Do you see what hat I'm wearing, Fred?

There were a couple of Steller’s Jays hanging out in the parking lot.  Yes, I know there is a stick in front of him!
We stopped at Pine Pass (elev 3061 ft), the highest point on the Hart Hwy and the lowest pass breaching the Rockies in Canada.

Azouzetta Lake still frozen.

 Myrtle Butter-butts, as we have moved out of the range of Audubon’s. It's Sunny and 59F.  I gotta tell you, we've had the best weather on this trip.
Trumpeter Swans on pond just before Peace Foothills welcome sign overlooking the Pine River Valley. We could see the foothills of the Rockies to the south and west.

Chetwynd at noon, 65F and absolutely gorgeous! Chetwynd (formerly called Little Prairie) is the division poit of the BC railway.  It is considered the "most livable small community" in BC. Stopped at the visitors center and looked at the collection of sculptures from the World Chairnsaw Championships. Very cool!

My turn to drive. North on 29 (Hudson’s Hope Loop) toward the Alaska Hwy (some still call it the Alcan). We drove by this lumber processing plant and were amazed at how many logs were stacked here.

 The birch trees here have not begun to leaf out, whereas the birch down along the Pine River Valley have bright green leaves springing out. Dave says he’s been suffering from a little altitude sickness all morning, and is finally feeling better. He grabbed a hotdog at the 7 Eleven gas station. Yuck! That would MAKE me sick.

We reached Fort Nelson at a reasonable time and decided to walk down to the RV park Saloon for dinner.  The best meatloaf dinner I've ever had!


Sister Marty said...

Hey good to hear from you guys, I continue to check everyday and see where you are and what you are up to and what you are seeing. I am glad everything continues to move along well. Today we actually have the sun shinning. The little giraffe at the zoo, Zuri broke her leg, but she is doing okay. They put a cast on it and I am having sympathy pains today in my legs.
Well take care and continue to travel safely...catch up with you later. Dave the Reds now go to Cleveland after the Pirate beat us the last two games and broke our winning streak...have fun, be safe. Love, Marty

Jenny W said...

Did I read that correctly? Did you just call Dave and Bob Myrtle Butter-butts? I hope you don't get sued for libel. Ha! Oh, hey, what a coincidence: I competed in the World Chainsaw Championships a few years back, but I had to give up chainsawin' after...well... the accident. It's a long story. Anyway, keep havin' fun on the road, you Myrtle Butter-butts.

mrsbirder said...

How can a baby giraffe break her leg?!! That's awful! Poor baby! Dave has been dying over the Reds! He hasn't been able to watch a game in over 2 weeks, and now they've lost 3 in a row!

mrsbirder said...

Oh Crud, Jenny, I did call them butter-butts! LOL! That's why YOU are the writer, and I'm just the wanna-be! :-) Miss you kiddo.