Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Gray Roadtrip - Part 2

The canned elevator music is softly playing ACDC, which is really surreal.  We're sitting in the lobby of Friendly Ford in Monroe, Michigan.  I'm working on my A&P lecture syllubi, notes and Powerpoints, and we're waiting for our truck to be fixed.

At about 10am, we entered Michigan, and the "check battery" light came on.  Steve located a Ford dealer nearby, and now at 2:15pm, we are getting a new alternator and have been informed that the brakes and tires are bad.  LOL!  What a roadtrip!  Good thing we packed our overnight bags, cause at this rate, we may not get to Kingsville until dark.  We ate our tuna fish sandwiches and watched Steve sleep at one of the salesmen's desks.

Good news is that there is a Comfort Inn near Kngsville that has special "birder" rates and we made reservations.  So, our trip has now become an overnight adventure!

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