Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Week In Fairbanks 2012

Since we flew to Fairbanks instead of driving up this Summer, we don't have a vehicle of our own to use to get around town. We've been fortunate this year to use our good friend, Michelle's, 1990 Suburban to tool around town.

It's a great truck, and Dave feels right at home behind the wheel.  In fact, I haven't driven yet!  This has been a very hectic week for us.  Not only did we begin our Boreal Owl study for the season, and start teaching our summer classes at UAF, but we also headed out to look at some land.  Yep, we've decided to retire in least during the milder months!  LOL!  I haven't quite convinced Dave to spend an entire year up here, but I'm working on him.  I've got about 15 years to convince him!  We'd found a listing for a few acres out Chena Hot Springs Road, about 20 miles northeast of Fairbanks and decided to head out there to check out the property.  The lot we are interested in is off Pheasant Farm Road.
Once you turn south onto Pheasant Farm Road, the dirt road winds down through the boreal forest to the farm land we're interested in. As we turned down the driveway heading south, the land is on the right.
At the end of the driveway, you hit Baseline Road.  We turned around and looked back north up the driveway from where we had just come and snapped the photo below.  The land we are interested is now on the left side of the driveway.
As you scan to the left, you can see the entire area we are interested in. There is a cluster of trees about 200 feet long and then ag fields to the west.
The buildings in the distance belong to our neighbors to the north.  The drive way is just visible along the right side above.  The next photo was taken just left of the trees above - looking at the NW corner of the property.
This last photo is of the SW corner of the property - about 6 acres of woods along Baseline road. The dirt path along the left edge of the photo below is Baseline road.  Really, it's a road.
Can't you just imagine a little log cabin nestled in those woods?  All together the property is about 40 acres with about 30 acres of tillable land.  We're going to be farmers.  Funny, Dave is the same age his dad was when he bought his farm.  Weird..... :-) In the winter, the northern lights are visible all across the sky here. It's paradise.  I think we'll put in an offer.

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