Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fellowship of the Lapwing - Day 1

After 3 weeks of sitting around the house nursing a broken/fixed foot, my birder husband was ready for a road trip!  So, he created a little nest for me and my foot in the backseat of the Excursion and we loaded up 4 of our favorite birding partners and hit the road!  Here's our fearless leader at 9am as we pulled out of the driveway.
We are heading to Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, PA for Pink-footed Goose and then on to Bridgewater, Massachusetts for Northern Lapwing. Thus, we have dubbed ourselves "The Fellowship of the Lapwing".  Fellow members include Team Palmer,
and navigator, Bobert!


Sister Marty said...

I sure wish I was in that Excursion with the Lapwing
Crew, but I know it is not possible this time,
but I will be adding my part by praying that
You find all the birds you are seeking.
Travel safely my friends and have a fantastic
time. Peace from a fellow birding friend.

mrsbirder said...

We wish you with us too, Marty! Team Wing and a Prayer is just "Wing" without you!