Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birding the Rio Grande Valley - Spring Break 2013 - Day 4

This morning we decided to start our day at the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park and World Birding Center.
It was a beautiful morning, and the forecast was for temperatures to be in the lower 80's F by 5pm.  We got great looks at Altimura Oriole at the Nature Center (old Visitor's Center for you old guys).
We also saw a few Clay-colored Thrushes (Robins) hanging out at the feeder along with Plain Chachalacas and Great Kiskadees.  We wandered down to the boat ramp looking for the Red-naped Sapsucker,
but, no luck.  At the Hawk Tower, we got good looks at Verdin, Gray Hawk, hundreds of Turkey Vultures (probably thousands) and one Swainson's Hawk.  After lunch we went next door to the National Butterfly Center where I got this photo of the robin, kiskadee and a Green Jay.
Jan has really surprised me on this trip.  She has only been birding seriously for about a year, and her ID skills are spectacular.  You go girl!
After not seeing anything new at the Butterfly center, we headed over to Anzadoulas City Park and that is where we saw the woodpecker.  Both Dave and Bob got really good photos of the bird, and I'll post them later.  Another looooong day of birding.  I think I crashed at 7:30pm.  LOL

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