Sunday, January 12, 2014

Florida Everglades 2014 - Day 7

I love my husband.  The birder.  He is intelligent, funny, handsome, but sometimes, he dresses funny...
Know what I mean?!  LMAO

We left Bob and Jan's campground in the early dawn light and headed down the Keys today.  First stop was Pennekamp State Park.

First thing we saw when we got to the beach was this immature Frigatebird!  Way cool.
But, the weather was not great, and there were no other new birds at the park.  Since we were in the area, we called our friend, Susan, and dropped in at her office to say hi.  We hadn't seen her in about 3 years, so it was good to catch up. She is doing great!  She also gave us info on where to find rarities on the Keys!
Not 1 mile down the road from Susan's office we spotted this White-crowned Pigeon sitting on a wire.  Score!
If you are a key lime pie lover, then you should know that key limes only grow in the Florida Keys.  Well, you probably already know that.  So, we stopped in at Mangrove Mama's for some authentic key lime pie and some key lime margaritas.  The waitress informed Dave that he lost his man-card when he ordered a pina colada.

We decided to just head straight down to Key West so that we could find a parking place before the place filled up.  We arrived at our B&B at about 3pm

It's a nice place with a fabulous pool and patio area out back.

We walked to downtown Key West, and birded our way along the boardwalk.  Here's Bob checking out this guy preaching his own form of spirituality next to a flame thrower on a unicycle.  You see all kinds in Key West! We wanted to see sunset, but there is an island just West of Key West, so sunset gets hidden behind it.  Sort of a disappointment for me.

So, after sunset were then quite happy to make our way back to our hotel and away from the crowds.  Picked up 2 new birds today.

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