Monday, December 5, 2011

Four Life Birds in Four Days!

I realize that the title of this entry probably sounds funny to most of our family members as well as the general public.  But, in the world of the "elite" or should I say "freakishly obsessed" Birder, Life Birds become harder and harder to get.  With only 675 or so breeding species in North America, the Birder with over 500 species on his/her Life List has to really work to get those last 175 - as well as transient migrants and rarities that drop in.
Well I'm married to one of those maniacal Birders and while attending the Inland Bird Banding Association meetings in the lower Rio Grande Valley last week, he saw his 600th bird species for ABA North America.  Yep, that's right.  600 species!  Like Greg Miller, of The Big Year told me, "You've got to be lucky and good!"  Well, not to brag, but my husband is a damn good birder, and one of the luckiest SOBs I know!

Great job, Dave!


Anonymous said...

You're killing me with the suspense! What were the other three lifers - besides the Hook-billed kite?!

mrsbirder said...

Golden-crowned Warbler, Black-vented Oriole, and Rose-throated Becard. All great birds!