Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FLOWER POWER ALASKA 2013 - Loading Up Gear

Today begins the first day of heading up to Alaska for the Summer 2013.  The 40ft container arrived at our farm in Liberty, Indiana and we will be shipping our large equipment for the Alaska farm in the container.   It will leave Indiana on a tractor trailer on Friday, May 3rd, go to Chicago, be put on a train to Seattle, then barged to Anchorage, back on a train to Fairbanks, and by truck out to the farm in Two Rivers.  It should arrive on May 24th. Amanda looks small inside it.

Michael and Dave spent most of Wednesday afternoon loading fenceposts and equipment.

A neighbor came over with his forklift and helped out a lot!

The new plow we got to build our raised beds arrived and it just fit inside the container.

I can't believe how much stuff we have!  Loading the trailer was like playing a game of Tetrus, lots of contemplation and re-arranging.

Neighbor Marc came over and helped us quite a bit with his little loader!
Dave and Marc loaded the posts that will be part of the fencing around the farm as well as boards used in building a shed.

Here's Jay helping load the mower

Cooperi, Rafael, Dylan and Jay stopped over later in the day and did most of the heavy work moving equipment and supplies into and around inside the trailer. Loading continued well into the dark, and we had to pull out some flood lights and light up the place to see what we were doing!

After two exhausting days, we got her filled, sealed and she is on her way.  38K pounds of stuff!


Sister Marty said...

I bet I would have fit in that truck as well and would have surprised you when you arrived in Alaska...Hope your trip is continuing to go well...How exciting for all of you...Enjoy and blessings to each of you in this endeavor...I think Rita and I need to plan another trip to Alaska in the near future...peace to all, Love, Marty

Sister Marty said...

Happy traveling to all of you. Peace, Marty