Monday, January 6, 2014

Florida Everglades 2014 - Day 3

So, I got up this morning in our new hotel room

And went into the bathroom to take a shower.  When I reached up to shut the shower curtain, I discovered these stinky, crusty socks hanging from the rod.  Whose socks are these and how long have they been hanging in this shower?  Ewwwwww…….!

We got over to Bob and Jan’s place at about 8am and saw this adorable manatee mailbox at the neighbors place. 

 Across the street is a nice little city park with some Muscovy ducks that are so ugly they’re cute.

We headed over to a neighborhood near Baptist Hospital to find Red-whiskered Bulbul.  But, instead, do you see Dave’s little friend in the lower right?

We didn't see the Bulbul, so we walked the campus of Baptist Hospital
And Jan and I stopped in to use the potty and saw their beautiful xmas tree.

The campus around the hospital is absolutely lovely and many people were out walking and running around the lake. That's Bob in the orange hat.

We walked across the street and through the neighborhood around the hospital birding and looking for the bulbul and saw this adorable palm tree decorated with Christmas ornaments.

After a couple of hours of birding, we still didn’t see the bulbul.  It began to rain, so we headed over to a restaurant that was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, called Scully’s.  They are known for the encrusted dophin and their burgers.  Which, I must say, were both quite delicious.  

We watched the Bengals playoff game until half-time, when the rain stopped, and we were quite disgusted with the game.  So, we jumped back in the car and drove over to Kendall to see if we could get the bulbul that had been spotted there.  After a couple of hours of birding the Matheson Hammock and surrounding neighborhood, we whiffed on the bulbul, but did find this night roost tree full of Yellow-chevroned parakeets.

Frustrated with missing the bulbul, Dave has now decided that it is our nemesis bird for the trip. We headed back to our hotel room in hopes that the stinky socks were gone and that the room was clean.

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Sister Marty said...

great to hear you got a few more species. Did you see the post I put up for Dave's spider? That was a beautiful creature for a spider...maybe the bulbul will still show up...glad you are having a great time and seeing some beautiful birds. enjoy the rest of your time...thanks for all the updates...missing you...peace, Marty