Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Break Adventure 2015: Day 1

 We are on the road!  Today begins our Great Adventure through Indiana and Chicago!  We kissed Mommy goodbye...

 and told her not to worry!  We are going to be just fine!

First stop was a little unplanned.  We were driving through the town where I was born, and I asked Tessa if she knew that I had a sister named Jo Anna.  She did not, so we went and visited her at the Park Cemetery.

 I think it was the first time Tessa had been to a cemetery.  My sister had been stillborn, so I showed here where she was buried.  We talked about how pretty many of the monuments were, and that you can see some really good birds in cemeteries!  So, we grabbed our binoculars and looked for hawks.
We didn't find any hawks at the cemetery, but we did get thirsty, so we stopped at Culver's for a chocolate banana milkshake.  Can't have a road trip without ice cream!

We made it to our hotel and when we got to our room, we discovered that Nana had forgotten her swim suit!  Luckily, Tessa had hers so she learned how to hold her breath and get a quarter off the bottom of the pool!  Great job!
We ordered pizza's to be delivered, and Tessa used her new camera to take photos of them.

It's way past our bedtime, so we're going to try and sleep.  Tomorrow is a big day!

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