Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break Adventure 2015: Day 2

Today started with a phone call to mommy.
Then we had a big surprise.  Tessa got an Elsa dress from the movie Frozen.
We headed downstairs for breakfast
Then packed our bags and headed out on the next part of our adventure!
First stop was at the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company.
Where we got to take a tour and see the giant fire pit where they melt different colors of glass in each opening.

Then, really strong men grab different sized scoops to get a scoopful of that particular color and carry them to the mixing station.
Here is a video of the really strong man mixing the molten glass and then putting it into the press to make sheets of glass.
Here are some of the sheets that came out of the roller.
And all of the different colors of glass they can make.

After the tour, we stopped in the gift shop and got mommy and present!
Next stop was to get some hot chocolate as we waited for the toy store to open.
At the toy store we got a pony/unicorn named Pink-a-licous.
Then lunch at The District, where the waitress/bartender loved the Elsa dress and put on the Frozen soundtrack for Tess.
We had tomato soup and french fries.
After lunch, we hopped back in the car and headed north to Plymouth, Indiana.  Not 5 minutes after we were on the road, the munchkin was zonked out!
In Plymouth, we went to a Candy store that reportedly has the world's largest gummy bear.  We forgot to ask about the gummy bear, because we were enthralled with all of the other candy!
The gals at the candy store, loved the Elsa dress, and they gave Tessa a Frozen balloon and took her photo in their famous Egg Chair.
Which she got to sign her name onto.

After getting yummy candy to share with Olivia and Auntie Beth, we got back into the car and headed for Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.  We birded the nature center at the State Park and then went down to the Observation Tower to see if we could see any hawks migrating overhead.
The tower is about 80 feet high and it was VERY windy.  So, we climbed down to the beach and explored it looking for seashells and rocks.

Ogden Dunes is just up the road from Indiana Dunes, and we walked out on the boardwalk until the frozen spray was too hard to climb over.

Then it was off to Chicago!  Where we went to the home of our great friends, Auntie Beth, Uncle Alim and Olivia!

We are having a great adventure so far!

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