Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break Adventure 2015: Day 3

This morning Princess Merida and Princess Aurora got ready to go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.
First stop was the giant castle!
The rooms are so beautiful, that it makes you want to live there and be spoiled in luxury!
Next stop was the Farm exhibit where the girls watched chicks hatch from eggs!

Then they explored the big tractors and combine!

Next stop was the Old Fashioned Chicago street.  The girls loved watching the silent movies in the Nickelodeon.

In the room with the giant globe the girls were fascinated watching the changing weather patterns move across the globe!

We got a little hungry, so we stopped in at the food court.  Tessa gives the food a big thumbs up!

Last stop was the maze! I'd have to say that it was the best part for both kids and grown ups!

Last stop was the gift store!  The girls got matching pink tigers.
After we left the Museum, we headed downtown to take the elevator up to the 96th floor of the John Hancock building.
View from the Signature Room Lounge on the 96th floor.

 The view from the women's bathroom is the best view in the whole place!

So Auntie Beth and I ordered adult beverages and the girls played games on our phones while we adults enjoyed the view of the city.  I don't think they were as enthralled with the view as we were!

But, they were having fun!
Next stop on our great adventure was a walk down Michigan Avenue in search of Garrett's Popcorn.
The girls learned about the Great Chicago Fire and saw the only building that survived - Water Tower Place.
Then they saw Mickey Mouse standing on Michigan Avenue!!!

We finally found Garretts Popcorn!  Just the BEST POPCORN IN THE WORLD!!!
Next stop was back up Michigan Avenue to a surprise store...
The Disney store!

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